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 Welcome to "A Lil' Witchy", my pretties!  My name is Maureen, and I guess, to be honest, I've ALWAYS been a lil' witchy.  Let me explain...  


     As a kid, I always had a feeling "something" was around me.  I could feel, what I now know to be, energy.  Strange things happened constantly. I had déjà vu on a regular basis, I was too young to know about repeating angel numbers, but remember seeing them and knowing there was something important about them. I was capable of reading an entire Stephen King novel in a night at the age of 8 or 9, and was OBSESSED with them. Lights would go out or flicker when I became angry and thankfully, I've learned to control my temper, but when it gets bad?  🙄  I was an odd kid, overly intrigued by death, the supernatural, witches, the unknown, and strangely obsessed with historical events involving mass death. I knew, in my heart, the Catholic church was NOT for me, much to mother's chagrin. She assumed I was just lazy and didn't want to get out of bed. I genuinely felt I didn't belong, reciting prayers felt awkward and robotic with no feeling or passion and, quite frankly, I could be home reading. It wasn't unusual to have arguments at the dinner table over the theory of "Creationism vs. the Big Bang" with me being sent away from the table. It was only appropriate I wrote my Catholic high school thesis paper on "The Use of Supernatural Elements in Macbeth" and my Catholic college entrance exam on the Big Bang Theory.


     In February of 2009, I had a near fatal car accident, which led to a CT scan and the findings of something requiring a biopsy a week later.  The wee hours of the morning following this surgery, 2:22AM to be exact, I awoke to find a full body apparition next to me in my bed.  I have to say, it's honestly the single most amazing thing, that I have ever been witness to.  Although, I had always experienced paranormal activity my whole life, this was just the beginning of an incredible journey!  Paranormal activity began to increase around me in the house I lived in at the time. It wasn't all good. Therefore, I had to learn how to combat it, and started researching without anyone's knowledge, for fear of looking crazy.  Once I began to learn on my own, I was so intrigued, I became fully engulfed in the world of spirits, hauntings, possessions, exorcism, etc. 


       I became extremely ill in 2016 and my incredibly strange symptoms were accompanied by heightened senses. One begins to question their sanity at this point. I had already booked a trip to Mexico for my wedding and wasn't about to miss it! However, when I returned, my home was like a highway for the spirit world. The only explanation was being immersed in the salt water...LOTS OF IT! My abilities since that point have exploded. I decided to roll with it! I took reiki classes, psychic development courses, and soaked up as much knowledge, on as many related topics, as possible. I'm constantly continuing to educate myself, to not only be a better and more enlightened person, but also to help my clients the best way I know how. I've found myself partnering with some extremely talented and intelligent people, who have been a great blessing to me. It's true that others come into your path for a reason.  A large portion hold a place to keep you busy, some stay with you for awhile to help you learn lessons and a selective few special ones share a beautiful journey that you'll never forget. 


       Involvement with the paranormal has always been something that's been part of me. Although, currently I'm fortunate enough to be able to focus all my energy into it, which was always my dream. I'm very grateful to have this opportunity and share it with all of you!  Much love and brightest blessings to all of you!  ❤

Maureen XOXOX

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WHAT'S TO COME...New jewelry being made by the minute, collaborations in the works, and constant education for the VERY LATEST divination methods and healing modalities to offer you only the very best, and up to date, treatments and forms of readings.

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